Hdmi Cat5

What is Hdmi Cat5

HDMI Cat5 is a technology for carrying high definition video and audio over the standart network cable known as cat5 which is used normally for computers to communicate each other.

Normally in consumer electronics a special cable is being used for HDMI operations. But this kind of cables has known limitation, their lengtht are in 3ft to 15ft. Also, HDMI Licensing authority recommend to use shortest HDMI cable for best high quality and problem free results.

This is a relatively new technology as you can tell by the low number of products available at this time. See this search results for HDMI Cat5.

When should I choose this solution ?

If you need to locate your HD Tv, HD Monitor or HD Projection to long distance away from your source device (playstations3, xbox 360, dvd player, bluray player, satellite, pc/notebook with hdmi output or media player, etc).

Normally, You will need a long hdmi cable for the HD video and audio transmission. You can’t use ordinary HDMI cable too long without video or audio problem.

HDMI is a single packaged solution for high quality audio and video so, high bandwith data has to be carried over the cable. Quality is our expectation, why we use HDMI for output. When the HDMI cable length is over 30ft, you should think of the alternative solutions at market.

hdmi cat5 technology

What do I need ?

To transmit high video and audio signal to long distance, you need a special produced active electronic device, like a HDMI cat5 extender or HDMI cat5 wall plate. Network cable quality has major role for the HDMI cat5 solutions. Alternative network cables cat5e, cat6, cat6a, cat6e, cat7 can be used with this devices.

For starters, Cat5e cable could be good choose. You should check this spec before buying a HDMI Cat5 extender device. Also, you can see various models at market has support from 60ft to 300 ft.

Some Technical Details :

  • Standart HDMI Cable ( Category 1 ) – Speed: 75 Mhz, Support: 720p, 1080i
  • High Speed HDMI Cable ( Category 2 ) – Speed: 340 Mhz Support: 720p, 1080i,1080p
  • Cat5e – 100 Mhz
  • Cat6 – 250 Mhz
  • Cat6a – 500 Mhz
  • Cat 7 – 600 Mhz
  • Cat7a – 862 Mhz

As you read, network cables can handle high bandwith requirements like HDMI. But it should be choosen carefully for your HDMI signal level.

Update: 3D HDTV systems use new HDMI 1.4 technology, you should check this before buying a HDMI Cat5 Extender. DVI sources can transmit only video and audio can’t be transmitted over HDMI if the source is DVI.

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