Hdmi Cat5

Hdmi Cat5 Installation Issues

If you followed Hdmi Cat5 extender installation procedures ACCURATELY there won’t be any hdmi cat5 extender issues. But, sometimes unexpected results occurs.

If you didn’t buy a product or start your installation I recommend you to read our hdmi cat5 installation guide page.

First suggest to you is, when you buy a new hdmi cat5 extender you should read the installation manual carefully.

Avoid Hdmi Cat5 Extender Issues by following below suggestions !

Unplug all devices and turned off when you are installing or troubleshooting.

Ground Problems

Hdmi Cat5 Extender Issues Ground Protection : Ground yourself before touch any equipment and keep it doing it throughtout the install. If your body has static electric collected before installation you can damage the equipments. Also, All receivers are sensitive to static electricity. Always carry the receiver carefully and be cautious on carpeted flooring. You can buy a Anti Static Wrist Strap by spending $5 – $10. You can check the search result for the Anti Static Wrist Strap.

Possible Symptoms of Ground Problems:

Video Problems Audio Problems
No video signal Audio Distortion
Slow moving bar in video No audio
Less colors 60Hz hum
Too high contrast images

You can try below technique for troubleshooting:
Obtain a length of cable and connect it to the source devices chassis via one of the back-panel screws. Connect the other end to the cat5 receivers. If the problem gone, you have a grounding problem.

Network Cable Problems

pre-made-cat6-network-cableCABLE LENGTH: A shorter cable is better for less resistance, capacitance and inductance which can probably harm the picture. Don’t overuse longer network cable, If your distance is 50ft don’t buy or make a 100 ft cable. Measure correctly before you implement. Remember, the higher resolution is possible in less distance. 480p can be easly delivered than 1080p. Result will be varry. Always, check the distance specification for the resolution from the extenders manual. Most extenders list their best distance at the lower resolution.

STP/UTP: A shielded cable (STP) is better than an unshielded cable (UTP) as it protects the signals from AC, noise and electromagnetic interference entering the cable impacting your picture. You can always unwire the shield if you are experiencing rare ground loop problems. To protect your high-speed high definition network from noise and electromagnetic interference, use a shielded cable (STP). You can look at the search result for the pre-made cat6 stp network cables.

Bad RJ45 Connectors

Poorly Made Rj45 ConnectorBAD CONNECTOR: The RJ45 connector is the critical connection – always use the highest quality connectors you can afford. The most common cause of connection faults are bad connectors. See this poorly made cable on the left. If your product is hdmi cat5 wall plate you have to make your connector ends carefully as well.

MAKE Or BUY: You can buy pre-made CAT5/6 cables. They have been tested for the success result. Mistakes are easily made when making cables, so if you do not have experience with this type of work do not hesitate to buy pre-made network cable.

CROSSOVER CABLES: You can not use crossover cables with the hdmi cat5 extenders. Crossover cable is normally used to connect two pcs without use a switch or any electronic equipment. Also, It is used for cascading two network hubs. So, It is best to use pre-made and tested cat6 network cables.

INITIAL TESTING: Do not install the cables in the wall until you have tested your system on the floor first. Move equipment if you have to.

Choosing Right Hdmi Cat5 Extender : It is certain that you should select the best Hdmi Cat5 Extender to avoid the problems from the base, so If you don’t have enough information I recommend you to read our Hdmi Cat5 Extender article.

If you care the above details I hope you will not have any Hdmi Cat5 Extender issues.


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