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Hdmi Cat5 Wall Plate

HDMI Cat5 Wall PlateHdmi Cat5 Wall Plate is used to expand your HDMI cable length to long distance by using only pure network cables. The simple solution to deliver HDMI signals over Cat5 or Cat6 cables. Uses direct HDMI connectors on the plates and doesn’t need extra electronic device, like HDMI extender. Simple and effective, but cable quality is really important.

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Benefit Of Using HDMI Cat5 Wall Plate

  • If you have pre-installed cables on the wall, it is easy to use for HDMI operation.
  • Help to protect external magnetics.
  • Help to prepare ground protection.
  • Help to tidy your cables.
  • Help to protect your cables not damaged or defeated easily.
  • There are indicator lights on it to show cable connection success.
  • Decoratif and provide clean look.

How to setup ?

As a basic solution you just need a couple of HDMI Cat5 Wall Plate (Sender and Reciever) and network cable to carry HDMI data. HDMI Cat5 Wall Plate could be your solution if your cable length is not very long and HDMI source device signal is in good level.

In our research HDMI Cat5 Wall plate could be used in 100 feet with success. Cat5e or Cat6 shilded network cables should be used to protect for external magnetic or electrostatic interference.

“Punching down” the wires and following the color code when ending the connections are critical. Quality of the termination and the connectors are important for the best result.

If your distance between source and target device is within supported length and you have a quality cable than this type of solution can solve your long hdmi cable requriement easily.

For the best result for your HDMI Cat5 Wall Plate solution, you should use good quality network cables.

Recommended network cable type is  Cat6 for this type solution.

Not: If you would like to carry 3d signal, your network cables must carry nearly 2 times 1080p.

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