Hdmi Cat5

Hdmi Cat5 Ir

HDMI Cat5 Ir HDMI Cat5 Ir is an option for the HDMI Cat5 extenders. HDMI Cat5 extenders are used for delivering HDMI data to long distance by using ordinary network cables.

Some HDMI Cat5 extenders supports up to 100 meters. Sometimes it is not effective to use remote control from this distances. When the distance is too long to access your target device by using remote control, you have to use HDMI extender with Ir option built in it.

Benefit of HDMI Cat5 Ir

This option is important for delivering remote control operations to reciver by using network cables as well. Before buying a HDMI Cat5 extender, it should be checked if there is a support for HDMI Cat5 Ir expansion or not. You can check this search result for HDMI Cat5 IR.

Also, some HDMI Cat5 extenders support Ir, but doesn’t come with Ir expander unit. It is adviseable to buy a HDMI cat5 extender with Ir built-in.

HDMI Cat5 Ir

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