Hdmi Cat5

Hdmi Cat5 Installation Guide

hdmi cat5 technology

You made a decision to implement your hdmi cat5 solution. But if you don’t follow your installation steps carefully you might have a problem with your project.

Important Details for HDMI Cat5 Extender Installations:

  • If you can support, use pre-terminated cat6 or at least cat5e stp type cable.
  • Don’t overuse long cables than necessery.
  • If you have magnetic area surface near your installation and may have a video or audio problem so, ground terminated network cables could help to remedy these type of issues.
  • For long distance (more than 30 ft) choose double cables model for high bandwith requirement. Especially if cat5e cable will be used.
  • If the distance is too long choose two power supply supported models.
  • If you use HDMI cat5 wall plate pay extra attention to use HDMI supported one and the connector ends.
  • If you have to expand your remote control, choose an infrared supported hdmi cat5 extenders. Most of the extenders don’t support remote control transmition.
  • E-EDID helps your installation, if the extender doesn’t support E-EDID you have to set and choose resolution settings manually.
  • Determine your target resolution by checking your HDTV spec. You shoudn’t spend money to buy higher model if your HDTV supports only 720p and can’t use 1080p mode with this HDTV.
  • If your source is DVI, it supports only video ! Audio has to be carried by extra audio cable, by using direct audio output from source to target.
  • Test the result, before install the cables into the wall.

If you followed the installation steps as described but you have a problem with your installation, I recommend you to read Hdmi Cat5 Extender Issues page.

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