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HDMI to Cat5 ConverterWe have often recieved questions about, “What is Hdmi to Cat5 Converter and How does it work ?“. So, we wanted to write briefly on this subject than have thought would be the benefit of those who are interested. Some of the techniqual parts of article are not very important for standard consumer who just looking for a product or solution. We believe it will be a short and good resource for who wonder how these devices work. We will to try to explain this topic without excessive and unnecessary details.

As you can see on this list that hdmi to cat5 converter is sold as hdmi cat5 extender and there are no difference between each other.

We should first know “How HDMI to Cat5 Converter” works?

The transmitter converter system will take just one HDMI input and outputs over one or two CAT5 cables, one for video, one for operating instructions (DTD and E-EDID signals), or in an mixed mode as one cable up to 300ft. The powered receiver box converts the two CAT5 data returning to a single HDMI wire. The CAT5 cables utilize the durable RJ45 snap-in connectors. The length at which the hdmi to cat5 converter will deliver a signal will vary based on the source’s video resolution and features.

How Hdmi to cat5 converter Works?

What features the Hdmi to Cat5 Converter Support?

  • Video and audio are transported electronically through the Cat5/CAT-6a wire for zero signal reduction.
  • Works with digital photography video layouts in Deep Color Mode at up to 12bits/color.
  • Supports lossless compressed digital sound (Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio)
  • Equalizes and retrieves inbound TMDS information prior to re-transmitting the signal with maximum quality whatever the incoming signal quality.

But, How HDMI signal can go 300ft ?

The converters are simply voltage and current translators. The CAT5 system turns the LVDS data of the HDMI slot into higher voltage 100ohm healthy and well balanced data.

What is LVDS?

LVDS is known as a “Low Voltage Differential Signaling” system, which means that it transports data as being the variation relating to the voltages using a couple of cables; both wire voltages are analyzed in the receiver device. In a regular execution, the transmitter inserts a consistent current, generally 3.5 mA, within the wires, using the polarity based on the logic levels that will be sent. This technology has been used for a long time by the LCD and Plazma panel manufacturers.
There is a detailed info about LVDS at texas instrument page.

The drivers on the CAT5 side can supply more current to get rid of the cable capacitance. And the video copy encryption like HDCP is also being supported on this bus. They’ve got no information about the data being transported. They basically replicate the data. The converter’s pure digital transmission method insures 100% signal integrity over extended distances.

Hdmi to Cat5 Extender Example that use Double Cat5

Sabrent HDMI Extension cable over Cat5/6 RJ45 Extender adapter
List: $39.99
Sale: $34.42
Sabrent HDMI Extension cable over Cat5/6 RJ45 Extender adapter
  • Extends HDMI data up to 200 feet
  • Full HD 1080p support
  • Auto-adjustment of feedback and signal amplification.
  • Easy Installable
  • HDMI certified - HDCP Compliant
  • 2 Cat5e/Cat6 cable required
  • External adapter included


Why not CAT5 as the HDMI standard?

CAT5 isn’t the cure all and also for high speed signal distribution. Therefore this is the reason various CAT5 boxes operate in some applications while others don’t. To give an example , with the latest developments of the HDMI side, the 3D Video was often supported by the new HDTVs . With this new technology, some of the old installations or devices that use pure cat5 cables should have been changed by cat5e/cat6 cables for the performance requirement. On the other hand, whenever you stay within the HDMI length specification, this devices generally works without any problem.

Which type of Hdmi converters exist at market?

  • Hdmi signal Extender
  • Hdmi signal Booster
  • Hdmi signal Restorer
  • Hdmi signal Equalizer
  • Hdmi signal Repeater

Note:The above-mentioned types of products includes instruments and ending with hdmi<—>hdmi. However, The other type of extenders such as the hdmi to composite/VGA/DVI products are unique and should be addressed in a different context.

Consumer Advice:

Consumer AdvicesAbove details are of course important, but for those who are looking for a quick solution, it is not important how these devices work. As a result, regardless of the name, these devices are used to move the HDMI signal over long distances. The important thing to notice is that, you should choose the correct product to gain appropriate results for your project.

If you wanto see and review the currently active products that being sold at market, you can check our hdmi cat5 Product comparision page.

Also something to note when using these products, you should consider manufacturer’s specifications and distance support that can be used. If these advices are not taken into account, using any hdmi to cat5 converter will not be difference vs using a long hdmi cable.


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