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Have a look at the various guides below that will educate you about hdmi cat5 solutions, what is hdmi extender, how to use a hdmi extender and even some reviews on some of the best but most affordable hdmi cat5 extenders available today. It can be very confusing trying to get all of the proper electronics needed to bring the hd or 3d video experience to your own home. We have simplified this process by telling you exactly how all of this works and what equipment you will need to get everything running.

Once you are armed with the correct information, it is actually quite easy to get a hdmi cat5 extender running so you can have 1080p and 3D picture quality in your own home and at an enormous size for a fraction of the price of a HDTV.

Our various installation guides can teach you how to get high definition video ready and about various technologies that are available in extenders today. Educational professionals, companies, video game players and even average people are realizing how beneficial a hd video can really be and how much more cost effective they are compared with analog signal.

We have made an attempt to educate you about what things you need in a hdmi cat5 extender for various uses and in different situations. While there is a lot of confusion surrounding hdmi extenders, we know that you will feel much more confident buying an extender if you are well educated about them. Our purpose at hdmicat5.net is to provide you with as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision.